Picking The Perfect Arizona Catering Company  For Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding caterer is a daunting but crucial part of wedding planning. Most guests won’t remember your bridesmaid colors or what kind of decorations you designed, but for better or worse, they will remember whether your reception included a great meal or a bad one. So how do you make sure you choose the right caterer for your wedding? Follow these tips from a Tempe catering company to ensure you get only the best.

Picking The Perfect Catering Company  For Your Wedding In Tempe, AZ.

Research Your Venue

As you plan your reception, you’ll discover that there are two types of wedding venues: the all-inclusive types who have their own on-site caterers, and those who allow or require an outside caterer to provide the food. This means you’ll want to carefully consider the quality of the catering if you choose an all-inclusive option. If you’ve got your heart set on a specific independent catering company, you’ll need to find a venue that allows outside vendors.

If you opt for independent Scottsdale wedding catering, do a bit of research on the venue’s electrical and technical capabilities. You don’t want to end up with a menu that can’t be prepared with the available appliances at your venue. A good caterer will also research the space, but details will come together more smoothly if you do the initial legwork before committing to a caterer and venue.

First Caterer Impressions Matter

Don’t become emotionally attached to a catering company based on their glossy brochures. Your initial meeting with a caterer is crucial so you can understand what the chef is like and whether their company can meet your goals. It’s common to have the opportunity to try a small sample off their menu to help break the ice. Pay attention to how you feel as you meet with the caterer to discuss your vision for your wedding because your first impression really does matter.

Be Upfront About Your Wedding Budget

To avoid disappointment and wasted time, be sure to determine your wedding budget before meeting with a caterer, and be honest about its limitations. A good caterer will be able to discern whether they can work with your goals while staying within your budget. If you find a catering company that promises an extravagant meal for cheap, you can be confident it will be either a disaster or that you’ll end up with an unpleasant surprise later when the bill comes in the mail. Good communication with catering about your budget is crucial to get the meal you want for the cost you can afford.

Discuss Your Dietary Restrictions & Preferences

Let your caterer know right away about any of your dietary needs or restrictions. A skilled caterer will find the balance of creating a menu that reflects your style and personality as a couple while also providing plenty of options for your guests.

Conduct Your Tasting Session In Season With Your Caterer

It’s common for caterers to conduct a formal testing session after you’ve signed your contract and booked the wedding date. If you’ve already had samples at your initial meeting, a tasting is more of an opportunity to work together on the menu for your special day than it is for them to impress you with a delicious meal.

If at all possible, do the tasting session in the same season as your wedding will be, so that you can get the best understanding of what your menu will taste like with in season ingredients. It can be hard to get a feel for the top foods on your Phoenix food catering menu if important ingredients such as fresh tomatoes or basil are out of season during your formal tasting session.

Don’t Settle With The First Catering Company

Unless it’s love at first sight with your caterer, don’t settle on the first one you find. Not only do you want a deliciously memorable meal served at your reception, but you also want your wedding reception to represent who you are as a couple. Choose the caterer who understands you and who you’ll be excited about working with closely over the next several months.

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Hire a caterer who will help you create an unforgettable wedding day. AZ Inspirations Catering is ready to reduce the stress of your wedding reception by providing professional guidance and creative design ideas for your unique menu. As a chef-owned and operated business, we specialize in fresh ideas and a variety of cuisine styles! To start planning your wedding meal, fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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