How To Plan A Successful Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event is usually complicated. It has many details to consider, including decoration, music, finances, and catering. If you are planning a big corporate event, and catering is your top priority, this article will help you.

Getting corporate catering services in Glendale is the best option to simplify things. But before doing that, let’s take a look at some catering tips so you can plan to have peace of mind with your corporate event.

Successful Corporate Event In Arizona

Set The Event Budget

It is the first step when thinking of catering services. It ensures you have enough money to cover all the necessary expenses while leaving room for unexpected costs. 

Firstly, you must calculate the event’s total cost. It includes venue rental, food, drinks, and entertainment. Once you’ve estimated these costs, you can start allocating budgets for each item.

Be realistic when developing your budget to avoid any stressful situations on the day of the event. If you take these steps into account, your corporate event will go off without a hitch. 

Take Into Account Your Guests’ Dietary Needs

You should always consider dietary restrictions before contacting catering services. Some people avoid certain foods due to allergies or intolerances, while others do so for religious or ethical reasons. 

By making sure there’s something on the menu for everyone, you will avoid potentially awkward situations and guarantee everyone enjoys their meals. 

It is also crucial to think about any other special requirements your guests may have before getting corporate catering services in Peoria.  For example, if you are catering to vegans, you must guarantee that all their meals are suitable for them. 

Remember your guests’ needs to ensure everyone enjoys the food!

Make a Plan For Your Next Event

If you have been assigned the task of catering for your company’s next major event, one thing you must do is plan. Trying to coordinate everything at the last minute is a disaster waiting to happen. You can avoid stressful surprises by taking the time to plan out your event ahead of time. 

As we said before, you must establish a budget and a guest list. Once you’ve got those basic things, you can search for caterers. Request quotes from multiple providers so that you can compare prices.

Once you’ve decided on a caterer, collaborate with them to create the menu and set a delivery date that works with your event’s schedule. You may need some extra effort to plan, but it will be worth it when your event runs successfully and everyone enjoys the meals.

Select The Right Menu

When choosing your corporate event menu, keep the following general catering tips in mind:

  • On a weekday morning, you must plan as many breakfasts idea as possible with your Paradise Valley corporate catering company. Breakfast should include coffee, tea, fruit juices, the main entrée, and two sides. You can also include pastries.
  • Lunch should include a 5-ounce entrée, two to three side dishes, and two to four appetizer options per person.
  • Dinner usually consists of three to five appetizers, soup or salad, a 7-ounce main course, and two to three side dishes. Plan on two dessert servings per guest as well.
  • Cocktail functions without dinner require 10 to 15 appetizer servings per person.

Forget Boxed Lunches

Bringing boxed lunches was once popular at corporate events. While this is less expensive, once you’ve had a catered event, you’ll never go back to boxed lunches. Clients and attendees are more likely to pay attention to your event if they are having a good time and are well-fed. They’ll remember the food, for sure.

Boxed lunches are the first step to disaster. You must stay away from them to guarantee an unforgettable event with delicious food for everyone!

Choosing The Right Catering Company In Tempe

Food is frequently one of the most important things for corporate events. After all, if your guests are unhappy with the catering, it may reflect negatively on your company. 

As a result, it is critical to select a catering company on which you can rely to offer tasty and high-quality food. 

When looking for a Tempe catering company for your next corporate event, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, seek suggestions from colleagues or friends who have had previous success.

Second, read online reviews to get a sense of what others thought of the catering companies you’re considering. Finally, before making a final decision, request samples of the catering companies’ work. 

Fortunately, you can simplify your search by choosing AZ Inspirations Catering. We offer high-quality catering services for your corporate event with numerous menus and dishes that will meet your guests’ needs. Call us now to request a quote and create a memorable event for your company! 

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